Apex Legends Urban Assault Collection Event Trailer Teases New Legend Alter

Legends, Apex Legends is getting a new event, and it looks like a new Legend Alter. Respawn released a video showing more details about the Urban Assault Collection event, and they also teased the new Legend Alter.

In a video posted on the official Apex Legends X account, Respawn has images explaining what this event entails. Three Strikes is back, there is a new tournament system Apex Rumble which is in Beta, and if you climb the leaderboards, and complete the Rewards Track, you will Octane’s Prestige Skin Apex Riptide. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Wait until we get the new Legend, believe me, then it will be much more interesting.

In the video, at approximately 0.39, a leaderboard will appear, with Fuse being #1, Mad Maggie #2, and Octane in third place. Suddenly, Fuse disappears from the top position, and the ALTER name and logo appear. This logo appears again, near the end of the video. Check out the video below.

So, what do we know about the new Legend in Apex Legends? We know she will be a very strong Legend, we know what her skills are, and we know she will be able to see the contents of Care Packages before they land.

Apex Legends Alter Abilities

Passive Ability: Gift From The Rift

  • Allows remote interaction with a deathbox to claim one item, excluding armor

Tactical Ability: Void Passage

  • Creates a portal passageway through any surface

Ultimate Ability: Void Nexus

  • Establishes a regroup point that all allies can remotely interact with, opening a phase tunnel back to that location

We’ll know more soon, so stay tuned and get the latest Apex Legends news.

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