Osvaldatore shared a list of upcoming skins in Apex Legends, Seven Legends are getting new skins, When? We’ll find out soon enough

Legends, the certified Apex Legends leaker Osvaldatore has published a list of new skins that should appear in the game soon. We say soon because nothing has been officially confirmed yet, and there may be changes.

Respawn and Apex Legends have made big changes and since the new season started the game has seen a lot of progress. The players have grown, Respawn is continuously bringing new, interesting content that suits us, and we hope they keep it up. Now, let’s see what Osvaldatore has discovered – believe me, you will love it.

Osvaldatore is a well-known leaker in the world of Apex Legends and has been proven as such many times. This time, he doesn’t report on new skins, which unfortunately have no info on when they would come to the game.

Seven Legends are on the list for new skins, and some of them like Caustic, Horizon, and Wattson will also receive special skins from the OP Bundle. This OP bundle is for Horizon and Caustic.

Let’s see which Legends are on the list for new skins.

Apex Legends Upcoming Skins

  • Bangalore: “Streetwear”
  • Caustic: “Hype Beast,” “OP Bundle”
  • Gibraltar: “Hype Beast”
  • Horizon: “OP Bundle”
  • Valkyrie: “Streetwear”
  • Wattson: “Streetwear,” “OP Bundle”
  • Wraith: “Academy,” “Hype Beast,””Shadow,” and “Sports”

We are very interested in what the new skins look like, so if we find out more, we will share it with you.

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