Explosive Boom Bow coming to Fortnite soon

In today’s news update, the explosive Boom Bow weapon has been introduced to all players. Leaked in the previous 8.20 patch, the new weapon will most likely be devastating and crucial. It contains an explosive arrow, which can. Having archery in the game would bring more fun, but will it change the meta?

Explosive Bow

Archery can be a blast!

The Boom Bow has also the potential to destroy buildings, according to its previously measured power. However, its usage in end-game probably won’t matter because the power and reload of the shotgun cannot be compared to it.

The leaked animation and sound of the bow was leaked during 8.20. More precisely, since its very first release. You can find the animation and the sounds below:

Is Epic Games in a plan to tangle Fortnite’s late game? Does it have anything in correlation with the Boom Bow? We do not know and we’ll have to see for more info during the next patch. However, below you can find the Boom Bow damage values that were also leaked in 8.20. However, the fact that bothers us is that will be coming in only legendary rarity.

The patch usually

Now that almost everything has been placed outside the vault, you can take a look at the damage stats and figure it out by yourself if the Boom Bow will be an OP weapon. What are your thoughts on the Boom Bow? Share them in the comments below!

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