Pay To Win Microtransactions arrived to Fallout 76

It is very annoying to anticipate something of this caliber. Looking at it from a player’s perspective, not everyone is rich and can afford to pay for an item that induces gameplay benefits. Such as the new Repair Kits in Fallout 76, added by Bethesda, despite the fact and previous statement that the game won’t include any microtransactions that grant gameplay benefit.

It is a big world in Fallout 76. Having microtransactions would definitely help people gain an advantage. Instead of scavenging across the map and find necessary items vital to creating Repair Kits, Bethesda has taken that away. Why would you waste time by doing content on a daily basis when you can get the necessary item for a couple of bucks.

It is definitely the first paid microtransaction installed in Fallout 76 that requires real money. Despite Bethesda’s early encouragements that Fallout 76 won’t include any sort of microtransactions that allow gameplay advantage, Bethesda cut the promise.

Now, the Atom shop contains the Repair Kits listed as purchasable with real money. A reason why Fallout 76’s subreddit is still going crazy at this very moment. There are various comments that confirm the new item in the Atom Shop will be exposed in a harm way among the gaming media.

A very good point has been given by the very first comment on Fallout 76’s subreddit.

Whether you are a professional in the industry, or just the average gamer, at some point in the last decade you should have been exposed to the countless number of times a company get slammed in media for the same practices. It might be mainstream media, gaming media, or social media, but at some point it gets pretty hard to avoid.

It also adds insult to injury after the lack of healthy content provided in Fallout 76. A huge amount of bugs led players to a rough disclosure, which openly and somewhat affirms the loss of player base.

Now, Bethesda is facing a huge community backlash and may resolve in a bigger player base loss than before.

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