Capcom’s Platinum Page Monster Hunter: World and Resident Evil 6 the Best Selling Video Games

The Japanese stand-alone video game developer and publisher Capcom updated its list of Platinum titles sales, and according to the list, Monster Hunter: World is at the top, followed by Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil 5 on second and third place.

Capcom’s page of Platinum titles sales that shows the sales of titles with over 1 million copies, has been updated and the action role-playing video game Monster Hunter: World available for PS4, Xbox One and PC is on the top of the chart with 12.4 million copies sold since its release back in January 2018.

Resident Evil 6 is the second best selling video game with a total of 9 million units sold, and on third, we have Resident Evil 5 with 8.9 million copies

According to the list:

  • January 2018 Monster Hunter: World PS4/Xbox One/PC/DL 12.4 million copies
  • October 2012 Resident Evil 6 PS3/Xbox 360/DL 7.3 million copies
  • Mar 2016 Resident Evil 6 PS4/Xbox One/DL 1.7 million copies
  • Mar 2009 Resident Evil 5 PS3/Xbox 360/DL 7.5 million copies
  • Jun 2016 Resident Evil 5 PS4/Xbox One/DL 1.4 million copies

Monster Hunter: World won the best roles playing game award at the Game Awards 2018. Monster Hunter: World is the best game designed with rich player character customization and progression, including massively multiplayer experiences.

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  1. At first I got surprise thinkin that RE6 PS3 actually surpassed RE5, but yeap, second counting the PS4 titles, anyway, it´s still very well, and adding the PC copies I´m sure it passed the 10M as was celebrated the past fall. I´m very happy for RE6. 😀

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