Dauntless has managed to get over 6 million players

Just in its first week of release, Dauntless has achieved a new milestone, and that is surpassing 6 million players. Another confirmation that there’s nothing wrong with free-to-play titles, as they always manage to notice a high player count. Phoenix Labs’ announcement was just on point and since the beta, it appears that Dauntless has doubled the count of players.

Series of improvements delivered to Dauntless is the reason for bringing this many players to the game. As an action RPG, Dauntless helps the players emerge on their path together, hunting huge Behemoths who are up to no good, and hopefully entitling themselves as worthy Slayers of Ramsgate.

To clarify things, Dauntless is available on PC via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Phoenix Labs has published their overview in an infographic, showcasing the numbers of hunts, slayers and more. You can take a look at it below:

Many players consider Dauntless a** the free Monster Hunter World, even though it’s slightly bit different. Nevertheless, if you’re one of those players who want to hunt different monsters within a co-op environment, then this may be your game. Since it is for free, do not forget to give it a try.

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