Epic Games added John Wick’s House in Fortnite Season 9

For all of the fans of the movie, the figure himself, and Fortnite, we have something new to discover. Epic Games has added John Wick’s house, and it looks exactly the same as IRL. With that being said, we’ll provide you with two images, one is taken in-game, and the other where the movie was taped at.

The imagery taken in Fortnite is almost identical to the IRL image. Does that mean that Fortnite will collaborate once more, but this time with John Wick? Maybe John Wick: Part 3 will be connected to future content in Fortnite, or maybe an LTM, just like the Avengers?

However, let’s locate John Wick’s house in Fortnite. If you look below on the map, the house is highlighted, and it is located just east of Paradise Palms. The very single house that’s been added in Season 9. The difference could be noticed when compared to the previous season, as well as all of the other pieces.

Now, let’s take a look at the image comparison of John Wick’s house in-game, vs IRL below.

John Wick’s house in Fortnite:

John Wick’s House IRL:

You can make the comparison all by yourself, but we all know it is a word about John Wick and his potential content-related arrival throughout this Season. So far, we know that some John Wick related challenges have been leaked, but the certainty is at a somewhat low level. We’ll have to wait a tiny bit more.

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