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Fortbyte #64 Accessible by Rox on Top of Stunt Mountain

We are up to Fortnite Fortbyte challenge #64, in which it helps us decipher one more piece of the whole image. But, where is Fortbyte #64 located? It states that it is accessible by Rox on Top of Stunt Mountain, and as days go by, Epic Games is to unveil more of them.

Without further complications, let’s make this fast guide and discover its location.

Fortbyte #64 Where is located?

Below you can find an image of the map upon which the location of the Fortbyte is highlighted. The Stunt Mountain is located North-West of Neo Tilted and South from Pleasant Park.

All you need to do is go there and collect the chip.

For a more precise info on the location, you can take a look at the video below, created by our friends at Solace Entertainment.



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