Fortnite Season 8 Overtime Challenges have begun

Previously leaked, now live, the Overtime challenges are now available in Fortnite. These challenges will allow players to earn whatever they couldn’t and complete their Battle Pass to level 100. The Overtime challenges will also allow players to achieve new Skin Styles and more.

Many people believed that these Overtime challenges will allow free Battle Pass. However, it came out to be the opposite. The Overtime challenges will only serve for an easier Battle Pass completion.

Most of the players are looking forward to achieving something different and push Epic Games to revert the “Shield/Health and Mats On Kill” in public matches. Sadly, that is not happening any soon.

The Overtime challenges will be available to complete in the next 6 days. They are very similar to the previous ones from Season 7, in which players were also required to collect coins in featured creative Islands.

So far, the currently active challenges can be found below:

Completion REWARDS

  • Complete ANY 6 Challenges to earn the reward item

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Complete 2 Free Overtime Challenges – Sidewinder Style
  • Complete 4 Free Overtime Challenges – Ember Style
  • Complete 6 Free Overtime Challenges – Master Key Style

Free Challenges

  • Collect Coins in Featured Creative Islands – 1000 XP
  • Place Top 10 3 times in Squads with a Friend – 1000 XP

Other Overtime challenges will become available in 2 days from now. Therefore, it is just the right time to soak the fun ahead of the World Cup qualifier tomorrow.

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