Fortnite Season 9: Week 3 Secret Battle Star Location

After completing all of the Fortnite challenges assigned for the current week, you’ll get a chance to get an extra Battle Pass Tier as a reward for your completion. That reward is coming from the secret Battle Star, that’s usually hidden within the loading screen for that particular week. With that being said, now that we have the loading screen for Week 3, we can pinpoint the location of the Secret Battle Star.

Each week the reward changes. While the third week holds a secret Battle Star that grants a free Battle Pass tier, the fourth will introduce a free Banner as a collectible. Now, let’s jump onto the guide and see where the Secret Battle Star is located.

Season 9 has brought many excitements and changes to the map. It is arguably the biggest update ever introduced in the history of Fortnite. The Season that fast-forwarded Fortnite into the future and added a modern look to almost every area on the map. Without further ado, let’s jump onto the guide now.

Where to find Season 9 Week 3 Secret Battle Star

As we said, it is pretty much included in each loading screen assigned for the week. Week 3 has the dogo loading screen, and on the block of concrete on which they sit, there is a drawing. The drawing is pretty transparent, and actually without a hint discovers the exact location of the secret Battle Star for Week 3.

The image showcases a truck with an Ice Cream Van on top of it, and with another flipped car on the very top. And, on top of that, the secret Battle Star is found. We highlighted that in the image below so you would know what we’re actually looking at.

Now, this would most likely be imagery from Junk Junction. More precisely, just on the outside of it, the same contents of the image can be found. To further clarify this, you can take a look at the picture below:

The image above holds the exact location of the truck as it is confirmed it’s located just outside of Junk Junction. There’s no need to highlight the location on the map because it is a named zone. With that being said, you should know the exact pinpoint by yourself.

Hopefully, the location is here because it holds the same content of the loading screen. If anything changes, we’ll immediately alter the contents of this guide.

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