Fortnite: Where to dance inside a holographic Tomato, Durrr Burger and Dumpling Head

Fortnite’s Week 4 introduces us to another dance challenges. The tasks are very simple as they require players to visit a location and use one of their dance emotes to trigger the challenges as successful. Week 4 of Season 9 brings exactly 3-stage Dance Challenge, which requires the player to dance inside holographic images.

As much as others would love to do and separate this 3-staged challenge into three guides, we would love to include it all together for easier understanding. Let’s start with the guide.

Where to dance inside a holographic Tomato Head

First stop, the holographic Tomato Head. The holographic Tomato Head is located in Mega Mall. The newly named zone which was introduced during Season 9, renaming the home and native Retail.

Located in Mega Mall in the middle and very top of the shopping center, cannot be missed.

Where to dance inside a holographic Durrr Burger

The Durrr Burger location is in one of the remodeled pieces on the map in Season 9, and that is Neo Tilted. The most popular and futuristic town that inspired a lot of people with its fresh look.

Where to dance inside a holographic Dumpling Head

The last Stage of the challenge will take you a bit further than these two remodeled centers. It spreads all the way to the south in Lucky Landing, where the Dumpling Head is located.

For a complete map of the staged challenges, we made a picture, marking all of the exact locations. Even though they’re named, there are always new players who may have find it difficult to visit the right locations:

That would be the end of this guide. Time is upon us and we have to create the guide for today’s Fortbyte #79.

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