Fortnite World Cup Qualifier Week 6 NA East Duos Top 10 Standings

It is time for probably the most attractive Fortnite competition. The EU World cup is over and it’s time to swap to punch the qualifier to NA East. NA East is arguably the most engaging competition when it comes to Fortnite. Most of the players on NA East are also live Twitch Streamers, which makes the region even stronger and more interesting to watch.

A lot of favorite Twitch Streamers such as Tfue, Cloak, Ninja, and others will settle a fight between each other to punch a ticket to this year’s Fortnite World Cup event. The event will be hosted in New York in June, in which each player can anticipate in both Solos and Duos, being the only and limited game modes.

As always, during Fortnite Week 6 Duo Finals, we’ll be rooting for Tfue and Cloak and Ninja and Reverse2k, as we would definitely love to see them qualifying for the Fortnite World Cup and spice up the whole competition. Tfue has already managed to qualify for Solo, but will they succeed together with Cloak to transcend to the World Cup event in Duos, remains to be seen.

Below you can find the official TOP 10 standings for today’s Fortnite Week 6 NA East World Cup Duos Qualifier.

  • √ – Teams Qualified in Week 6.
Position Player Name Points Prize
1 100T Ceice + 100T Elevate 99 $10000
2 coL Lanjok + coL Punisher 94 $8000
3 NRG Zayt + Ghost Saf 94 $6500
4 MSF Clix + MSF Sceptic 89 $5000
5 FaZe Megga. + FaZe Dubs. 88 $4500
6 yung calculator + msf ops. 87 $4000
7 Ninja + Reverse2k 86 $3500
8 Ghost Dmo + Ghost Bizzle 86 $3000
9 grandmateets + outcast deez lol 83 $2500
10 Rogue Morg + Barcodekiller 83 $2000

The results above vary depending on the official live NA East scoreboard posted by Epic Games.

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