Fortnite World Cup Qualifier Week 7 Finals EU Top 10 Standings

It is another day for another Fortnite World Cup Qualifier Finals. Week 7 is underway as the EU competitors are brawling towards the chance of qualifying for the final event, which will be hosted in New York. The biggest prize pool ever being held by the most attractive game nowadays, and that falls in the BR genre, Fortnite.

The EU qualifier has begun, and it is almost 2 hours deep. We’ve witnessed many upsets in the past of Fortnite’s competitive events. Shall we perceive the same once again? It remains to be seen in today’s qualifier, which is probably the most exciting event to watch in late Sundays.

The professionals that have managed to qualify throughout the past weeks of Qualifiers, they can anticipate the very same qualifier progressively each week and compete only for the prize. It is time to witness another fight between the best of the best, trying to punch a ticket to this year’s Fortnite World Cup event. The event will be hosted in New York in June, in which each player can anticipate in both Solos and Duos.

This week the competition is available for Solo players, as they’ll be joining some of the best names in the world, Mongraal, benjyfishy and others. Below you can find the official TOP 10 standings for today’s Fortnite Week 7 EU World Cup Solos Qualifier.

  • √ – Players Qualified in Week 7.
Position Player Name Points Prize
1 aqua. 71 $5000
2 G mārteeṉeu 65 $4000
3 Erouce 63 $3000
4 E11 Stompy 63 $2500
5 Exalty Robabz 59 $2250
6 Parabellum bro 59 $2000
7 Solary Kinstaar 59 $1750
8 Atlantis K1nzell 58 $1500
9 Gambit.fwexY 58 $1250
10 grovestreet Kroq 57 $1000

The table above varies according to Epic Games’ official scoreboard.

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