Fortnite’s Unvaulting Event will happen on Saturday

Data miners are all over Fortnite’s coming event. It appears like the secrets behind the Unvaulting event are being slowly revealed. With that being said, we’re getting closer to its official trigger, which is bound to happen on 05.04.2019, in which players will give their own input on recovering an item from the current Vault.

So far, we know there are Bouncers, DrumGun, Tac SMG, X4-Stormwings and Grappler are in. We’re waiting on the last item to appear which has to do so before the event starts.

According to @ShiinaBR, whom leaks appear to be quite knowledgable, the event is about to happen at 3 PM ET on Saturday. The event is called “UnvaultingCountdown” and the with the latest rune appearing on the Volcano, it already triggered a countdown, which is shown in the picture below:

With that being said, get ready for Saturday, because Saturday is the day when your choice, as a player, will have an input on the total number of votes. That means, BRING TAC SMG BACK! I dare you! 🙂

David Goodwin

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