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Overwatch Workshop Mod allows you to play two Heroes at once

We know how popular mods have become in Overwatch. After Blizzard allowed the Workshop on the PTR, it became very clear what the developer’s intentions are. There are hundreds of people who transform their developing skills into something useful, so as this mod that we’re about to expose now. Have you ever asked yourself if you could play as two Overwatch heroes at the same time? Well, you can, thanks to this mod!

After the Workshop feature comes on the live servers, it is expected Overwatch to be even more booming than what it is now.

Mods are usually keeping the community alive, and it has somewhat become mandatory nowadays. Having a video game without modding community is considered for nonsense, especially if the developers behind the company lack on developing fresh content for its players. It’s always a win-win situation.

The code of the Workshop game mode is and will allow you to experience how it is to play with two Overwatch heroes at once. The creator has already exposed himself on the Overwatch’s subReddit, publicizing the code to access the game mode. Below you can find the code to access this mod.


He also published a video and how everything looks. You can watch the video below. It could definitely branch up a solid gameplay experience, especially when monotony kicks in. Variety gameplay that’s just on point to clear your head.

I made a mod so you can play Two Heroes at once – Code:M16HB from Overwatch



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