Rumor says Anthem may become a Free-To-Play game

We know Anthem hasn’t been the right RPG everyone was thinking of. Its huge lack of content has put the developers up to the test on whether or not they should make the title free-to-play. A rumor has been unleashed, so as the feeds by an EA insider, who has discovered that Anthem may go free-to-play when EA Access launches on the PS4.

After the community backlash during early launch, the developers have tried to pull some things to save their product. Sadly, none of that worked and the player base just kept shrinking. If you connect the dots after this rumor, it is nothing strange to see Anthem go free-to-play.

BioWare hasn’t done much to recover their game, as bugs dating since early launch are somewhat still present in the game. Loot and balance tweaks, small changes that were supposed to change the integrity of the game have remained unnoticed by the players, seemingly because it failed to do so since the getgo.

No matter the commission input, Anthem is still missing a good set of fun. Something that is naturally born within a video game. If Anthem schedules to become a free-to-play title, it would be announced during the period of EA Play, an event hosted by EA.

Let’s see where the rumor comes from. It comes from a blog that claims to have received info directly from an insider. Should it be taken as a serious matter? Well, take every leak and rumor with a bit of salt, because none of that may be true. However, players who truly played Anthem know that it may be better to make the game free to play with an in-game monetization.

Microtransactions are coming handy for projects that are somewhat a failure, and most of the time they turn out to be beneficial both for the players and the developers. Will the same happen with Anthem? Presumably yes, ever since the game started losing its player base there hasn’t been much of salvation, leading the developers to only one decision, and that would be making Anthem a free-to-play game.

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