Dota Underlords leak showcases New Boards and a Battle Pass coming very soon

Data Miners have been working on the new and standalone auto chess made by Valve, Dota Underlords. Digging into the files have showcased that Valve is truly working on the game, and there’s also speculation that a new update will assign the beginning of Season 1 today.

Nevertheless, the New Chess game by Valve contains files that point to a possible upcoming Battle Pass. Knowing that the game is scheduled to launch for free, the only monetization by Valve could be done in such a manner. Therefore, the only monetization regime will take place within approachable form. This wouldn’t have any impact on the game’s availability or whatsoever, and the core game would remain available to all the players across the world.

As we said, data miners have managed to discover leaked images of Chess Boards, but also of a potential Battle Pass. Without further ado, the datamined images that surfaced on the internet can be found below:

Chess Boards

Below we can clearly see two new Dota Underlords Chess Boards, for which nothing particular has been claimed. Without any negation, their look definitely looks like the official Dota Underlords with a slightly different texture.

Note: The pictures below are not in our property, which means they’ve been reposted after their initial appearance on the internet.

Potential Battle Pass

Battle Pass could also become a viable thing. Data miners have managed to dig up Battle Pass placeholders, similar to what Dota 2 offers. As guided by the picture below, it will contain both Free and Paid Battle Pass challenges, and will probably involve requirements such as win of games in which “X amount of races and class” is necessary.

Dota Underlords has a huge potential to grow into a firm standalone game. Being in pre-season and limited availability to players who own the Dota 2 Battle pass, many players have dived into buying the Battle Pass just to try the game out.

Being in early access it definitely lacks a couple of important features, for which the developers have claimed to be added during the course of development. Make sure you are prepared for Season 1, as it will become accessible at any time.

Last but not least, Valve has smuggled something under the radar, and that something may result with a patch release. The patch has been rumored to be released today, in which Hunters and Drow Ranger are most probably getting a fix due to their unnatural sync causing excessive damage output.

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