Dragons invading Apex Legends, the tease at EA PLAY 2019 finally emerges

Shortly after the showcase of Wattson, the new champion in Apex Legends, there has been an eyeball showcased. The host, “Golden Boy”, kindly asked the developer to drop a further explanation about the eyeball, but sadly, nothing particular was discovered. All of that for a couple of weeks later players to start seeing Dragons in Kings Canyon’s aerial space.

Well, not only Dragons started appearing, but they also started seizing the Kings Canyon territory by stealing loot crates off of dead bodies. Maybe this is just a beginning of something completely bigger. Dragons starting a movement on their own… I guess that would be the best story.

Multiple players and streamers have luckily encountered some of this creature flying in the sky. Watching it carrying a loot box your natural reaction would be to take it down if possible and see whatever’s in there.

For now, the Dragon looking creates are calm and they just steal loot crates. No one has ever noticed any suspicious behavior as no player has been jeopardized by these creatures. Respawn Entertainment and EA remained silent about their Dragon addition so that everything happens naturally.

This is a nice change to the simplicity of Apex Legends, and it may serve as a future indicator of something bigger. Maybe Apex Legends is preparing to include live events such as Fortnite?

It is definitely hard to suppose what the final verdict is, but we’ll surely find out what exactly is going on in the near future. Below you can find a video of RealKraftyy, a known Apex Legends streamer encountering a dragon.

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