Fall Guys: Devolver Digital’s upcoming Battle Royale Preview

Have you ever thought of a next level Battle Royale video game with childish elements and super entertaining mechanics? Well, worry not, because Devolver Digital’s E3 2019 appearance discovered the next-gen Battle Royale experience, Fall Guys, in which 100 people will race across a huge track full of obstacles.

Fall Guys is definitely the game you would like to have to chill yourself after a hard day at work. As a small Indie Title, the developer Mediatonic will most probably cherish its existence with a potentially diverse player base. Fall Guys has caught a lot of attention and gamers across the world are excessively seeking for more data.

Simply said, everyone loves to know more about Fall Guys, and we’re here to surprise you with more knowledge about the game. Frankly, in Fall Guys you are playing against other 99 players. As the round starts, chaos arises and each encountered checkpoint will count players off as there will be multiple failing the given set of tasks.

The Fall Guys demo at E3 had only 3 game modes available, for the final version to have over 30. In it, you are playing as a blob, similar to the Teletubbies and Oddbods. Imagine having 100 Oddbods fighting running trying to outsmart each other to grab the victory.

Other non-effective assets may come along as bribery will also become a thing, knowing that you will be able to deliberately intercept a player. Each race map contains a couple of checkpoint doors for which you’ll need a higher power to bust through. Therefore, you’ll need more players to bust through the one door that’s available. As you progress through the map the selection of doors narrows. This, in a natural way, contributes to a wild gameplay experience as everyone will be trying different doors, and only one of them is accessible.

Just to note, there may only be a single winner, and that’s what qualifies Fall Guys in the Battle Royale genre.

100 players racing for the win definitely sounds intriguing and fun. So far, the developers do not seem confident on the player count per game. As first announced, Fall Guys should support up to 100 players at a time, but it will be highly dependant on hardware performance. Nevertheless, tweaks could be done at any given time and the player count could be lowered.

Fall Guys is slated to release in 2020 for PlayStation and PC.

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