Fortbyte #60 Location, Accessible with Sign Spinner Emote in the Oink restaurant

Today’s Fortbyte is #60. Epic Games has already hinted its location, and it is located in front of the Oink restaurant. That locations are currently unknown to a lot of people, but worry not, as we’re here to help you find it. After a while, this Fortbyte challenge will bring us back to our favorite Happy Hamlet, in which city the Oink restaurant can be found.

Being a named location on the map won’t necessarily require a map pinpoint, but we’ll post a picture of the map highlighting the exact location.

Let’s assume you didn’t know Happy Hamlet’s architecture and building placement. To further cut your struggles and tell you where exactly to land, including the exact positioning of the Oink restaurant building, check the image below:

You can see the small red pig and the oink Letters on the board just outside of the restaurant. Exactly said, it is located next to the clock tower, and the Christmas tree in the middle of that particular area. Keep in mind that gliding in Happy Hamlet could help you a lot considering the fact there are a lot of buildings in there. If you haven’t visited Happy Hamlet, you may find it difficult to navigate yourself through.

For more precise info on the Fortbyte #60, once you head inside the Oink restaurant, you will have to jump over the fridges and cash registers, and the Fortbyte will be found in the middle of the space. Check the image below for stronger intel:

Once you head there, make sure you use the Sign Spinner emote to unlock it. Otherwise, the Fortbyte will remain inaccessible. Hopefully, this will cut your daily struggles in retaining these challenges. Have a nice day!

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