Fortnite Fortbyte #68 found within a snowy town book shop

We’re getting to an end. The new Fortbyte #68 is here to entertain us for a bit more longer until the final piece of corrupted data is deciphered. With that being said, let’s take a look at today’s Fortbyte #68, and its exact location. The first indicator is that it’s located on the snowy area of the map, which means on the Southwest.

Only one town is developed to that extent, to offer a snowy town Book Shop in it. It is time for our “no man’s land” favorite, Happy Hamlet. Did you know that each time you Drop in Happy Hamlet you have more than 50% of chance to live? Especially if you’re a new Fortnite player. It may grant you benefit to last longer in the match, as it is not considered as a hot drop but it holds a lot of loot.

Nevertheless, let’s focus on the main reason why we’re making this article, and that is because of the Fortbyte #68. Below you can find the exact location of it, on the image of the map:

To clarify this further, it is on the gap of the very Northwest of Happy Hamlet, the very last/first house, depends from which cardinal direction you’re looking. Seeing the map, it’s on the top left. More images will follow, discovering a more explicit location of the Fortbyte #68.

Below is the house, commonly known as the Pink house among the Fortnite players. Behind the house in which today’s Fortbyte is hiding, there is a race track, and it is easily noticeable by the human eye while gliding.

The Fortbyte is hiding within it, more precisely on the second floor. Once you enter, just head upstairs and seek for a carpet placed on the ground. For a more detailed overwview, take a look at the image below:

With all of that being said, this concludes our Fortbyte #68 guide. Have a nice day in Fortnite!

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