Fortnite List of Bug Fixes possibly arriving with patch 9.20

Well, after knowing that the 9.20 patch in Fortnite will arrive on Thursday, there may be a huge focus on existing bugs. Patch 9.20 is highly expected to focus on certain bugs that are found as tedious and annoying. Together with it, it will most likely add new event files in which data miners will probably delve sooner than later.

Knowing that there are a lot of minor bugs that are waiting on a fix, patch 9.20 may hold the exact data to deal with all of them. Below you can find a compilation of bugs currently present in the game, that will most likely be addressed on Thursday.

  • Ballers kill players when jumping out of them
  • Fortbytes not working with certain cosmetics
  • Shogun’s outfit not appearing correctly
  • Spaghetti arms with the Drop the Bass Emote
  • Converge having a different preview than the thumbnail
  • Solid gold not giving bonus materials
  • Whistle Warrior having a bugged head
  • Downed players being able to pick-up items
  • Inconsistent “Hold to sprint”
  • Players gain Battle Pass items without owning the BP or any of the tiers
  • Traps not loading up, making it impossible to place
  • Hoverboards just shooting players into the air because of no reason
  • Slow glide bug
  • Boom bows not working on the Neo Tilted buildings
  • Fall damage in a baller
  • Killing players through builds [Ramps]
  • Dire Skin fix
  • Mini Map not accurately showing player locations
  • Vega challenges being inconsistent
  • Pyramids destroying themselves
  • POI’s not showing up after the first zone starts closing
  • Forerunner glider being glitched when not moving
  • Zipline falling glitch & zipline from far distances on mobile

All of the possible bug fixes arriving together with patch 9.20 have been published by one of the Fortnite dataminers, @FireMonkey.

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  1. Please also fixed Fortbyte #97! It’s supposed to be the Forbute we get to find after completing Season 9 Week 8 Challenges. Thanks!

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