Gears 5 to include a slightly different progression system

There’s not a single story that passes by without mentioning microtransactions, including the upcoming Gears 5. Luckily enough, the developer’s reaction on the matter is pretty transparent, as it will embrace the player dedication by including great content allowing to be earned based on in-game time spent and commitment.

Purchasable content, something that is common to almost every game nowadays is a bit extra, and Microtransactions won’t be ruled out. However, the developers of Gears 5 are bragging this to a whole new level, in which the gambling addiction is unrooted with the RNG removal so that it won’t be persistent to any real-world money purchases.

As announced on the official website of Gears 5, this will the first player experience which will bolster in excessive fun, but also need a good amount of dedication as there will be numerous of highlights to cheer for throughout the course of the gameplay.

The earning content is pretty straightforward and it won’t include any sort of Season Passes nor Gear Packs but will include DLC and more. Below you can find a list of content as announced on Gears 5 official website:

  • No Season Pass
  • No Gear Packs
  • DLC Maps are free for matchmaking and Private Play
  • Exclusive earnable content in the all-new Tour of Duty system
  • All store purchases are direct, no RNG so you always know what you will get

A brand new and extensive system called Tour of Duty, supplies and more

A brand new system named Tour of Duty will allow the player to embark on Daily Challenges and seasonal Medals that will allow them to rank up and earn cosmetics as rewards. This will include character skins as well.

Throughout a series of challenges, each player will know what to go for to earn a specific customization form without the punch of any RNG based decision. This system will run in a seasonal format, granting a different set of challenges for each season. Direct rewards will also be eligible to those who manage to settle a strong Leaderboard placement in Escape or Versus.

Gears 5 will also include Supply Drops that will contain a random item drop. Each game time spent in every mode contributes to a random item drop from a unique pool. This will avoid the possibility of getting duplicate content, as it will instantly turn the reward into Scrap, which later can be used for crafting purposes.

Microtransactions, Purchasable Exclusive Content

This would probably be the most important thing in Gears 5, as it is among the first few games to adopt this sort of purchasable content. It will include NO RNG at all. Earned by an in-game currency called Iron, which is also currency purchased by real-world money.

Iron is capable of getting thanks to the new Tour of Duty content. But, the beauty in all of this is that there will be no LOOT BOXES that will induce some funny RNG as some other triple-A developers’ practice. Having each item available as a direct purchase will surely contribute to a decisional purchase, rather than a player frustration. No Pay-to-Win items will be accessible so that it won’t ruin the integrity of those who cannot afford anything similar.


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