PUBG’s next big Console update will land in June

PUBG Corp has announced that the next big update for PUBG is going to arrive in June. With that being said, we’re looking forward to many surprises, as console players have always been somewhat left behind compared to the PC users.

As noted on PUBG’s official Twitter, the update will contain loot rebalances, new features and further optimizations. We all know how PUBG strives to support the players on their way to superiority, and therefore, it has addressed a lot of vital parts of the game.

When it comes to PUBG, console players have always been far behind than the PC players. Each update is first refined on the PC platform before releasing on the Console versions of the game. Nevertheless, sooner or later, the important thing is that update mainly lands on the consoles rather than not.

With that being said, the Weapon Mastery feature will finally arrive on the Consoles, allowing players to upgrade their weapon skills as they play. Progressing through the weapon mastery grants certain benefits, and it is one of the most interesting elements that PUBG ever added.

Below you can find a complete list of the update notes, as announced on the official website.

  • Weapon Mastery
    • New progression feature in PUBG with unique, awesome, and free rewards
    • New avenue for players to improve their weapon skills
  • Tactical Marker
    • The map now has six marker options to choose from depending on the situation
  • Second Erangel Loot Spawn Rebalance
    • Increased spawn rate of AR, DMR and SR
    • The featured map will be changed to Erangel from Sanhok with the June Update
  • Vikendi Loot Spawn Rebalance
    • Blue Zone adjustment
    • Increased spawn rate of AR, DMR and SR (especially SR)
  • Auto Equip Attachments
    • We understand that handling attachments with the controller can sometimes be difficult and players would sometimes avoid early combat due to having insufficient time to equip attachments
    • To solve for this, we created an auto equip attachment feature to reduce time when equipping needed attachments. Less time in your inventory means more time for battle!
  • Controller Preset C
    • Like the above auto equip feature, we are focusing on improving overall player experience during battles
    • On the controller, leaning is configured to thumbsticks and we understand it can sometimes affect your movement and aim
    • Controller Preset C moves the bindings of leaning from the thumbsticks to the bumper buttons, as well as making a number of other suggested changes. More details coming soon!

Erangel is also about to receive a visual update, touching the look and feel of the map. PUBG is about to become a lot more beautiful game on consoles, and we’re looking forward to it.

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