Steam Summer Sale 2019 is now live with quite powerful discounts

If you’ve missed on your favorite video game titles because of being overpriced, you should reevaluate the presence as the Steam Summer sale has gone live. Whether or not is that a survival milsim, a shooter or a sort 2D or 3D entertainment so you could restfully enjoy playing a game, they’re all quite affordable as thousands of PC video games on Steam have a massive discount at the very moment.

We’ve been predicting the beginning date of the Steam Summer sale, and we’ve been quite close in guessing it. This wholesome sale ends on July 9th, and titles such as DayZ (33% discount), Monster Hunter: World (50% discount), Devil May Cry 5 (34% discount), and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (20% discount) may become your next gaming designation. And these are not the only ones facing a discount.

There are thousands of other PC gaming titles that can be acquired at a meager price, and should you delve into the opportunity, it’s up to you. The 2019 Steam Summer Sale ends on July 9th, and if you’re a hardcore gamer, you definitely should take advantage of it.

There’s also something new in this year’s Steam Summer Sale, and that is the Grand Prix in which Steam users can participate in a foreign election from which they can acquire their top wishlisted video game for free. A shenanigan that further spices this Summer Sale, but could end as beneficial for the Steam consumers. The Grand Prix teams are represented by a pig, cockatiel, corgi, tortoise, and hare.

After joining a team, you will be given a set of challenges to complete in the games you already own. Achieving those points will contribute to the team you’ve picked. Shall you be among the first ones, you may be hugely rewarded.

The top three teams with the most points will have a chance to receive a random title from their wishlist, which puts a high number of players acquiring game titles for free. Being considered as a “reward pool,” the first team on the leaderboards will get the highest number of game copies sent directly to their Steam library. All of the wishlist rewards will be sent to the players when the race ends on July 7th.

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