Where to Pop Party Balloon Decorations in Fortnite?

14 Days of Summer challenges are still active, and the new one requires players to search and pop five different Party Balloon Decorations. To Pop the Party Balloon Decorations, you will need to know where are the exact locations of the Party Balloon decorations so that you could react appropriately. Worry not, as we’re here to discover all of the precise sites of the Party Balloons.

Keep in mind that you will need to pop 5 Party Balloon Decorations. Do you remember the beach parties challenge? Yes, you could use the same map to accomplish this challenge? You could use the same sheet to achieve this challenge, but we do believe you’ll need more Party Balloon Decorations as the challenge is expected to be extremely crowded this early.

The Beach Parties usually hold 2 or 3 balloon decorations to pop, so going for them would be extremely beneficial. Otherwise, you could always go for the less crowded areas and try to avoid any players on your way. With that being said, we can now conclude this guide. Have a lovely Fortnite weekend!

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