Fortbyte #27 Location – Found Somewhere within Map Location A4

Another Fortbyte challenge to keep you entertained

Throughout this exhausting period of Fortnite, in which no actual content is being added during this summer, we’ll have to satisfy our hunger with another Fortbyte challenge. With that being said, let’s take a look at today’s Fortbyte #27, located somewhere within map location A4.

For that purpose, we’ve created this small guide in which we’ll expose the location of the Fortbyte #27. First of all, let’s kick off with the A4 grid, which pinpoints a potential Fortbyte spawn on the very west of the island. Luckily, this Fortbyte challenge won’t require any other sequence to unlock it.

UPDATE: The Fortbyte can change its location per each game. Therefore, make sure you seek the terrain appropriately.

In the image below, you can find the location highlighted, as well as the positioning of the Fortbyte.

The A4 Map Grid is also taking us just north of Snobby Shores, close to a building made out of wood. In the image below, you can find the actual positioning of the Fortbyte, of course, montaged, but that’s also the exact location of it.

Therefore, we can conclude today’s guide as successful and wish you a beautiful day ahead without any struggles in acquiring today’s Fortbyte. Be careful! A lot of gliders are seen roaming in this destination. Just joking, but yes, there will be an exceptional amount of players trying to collect today’s Fortbyte.

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