Fortbyte #28 Location – Accessible by solving a puzzle outside a desert Junkyard

Puzzles are always good and entertaining

Another Fortbyte which requires solving a puzzle has been released in Fortnite. We’re before the end of the Fortbyte Challenge series, and as such, we’ll have to endure a couple of more days and witness the ending of Season 9 which will probably end with a Live Event. Today’s Fortbyte is #28, so let’s take a look where exactly is located.

“Accessible by solving a pattern puzzle outside a desert Junkyard.” That sounds quite familiar. This Junkyard is located at the very Southeast on the map. Well, on the outside of it, there should be a puzzle to be solved. Let’s jump to it real fast and see if everything is according to plans.

Fortbyte 28 Location

The location of the Fortbyte #28 can be found on the map below. It is within the red circle in the Southeast.

The puzzle is straightforward and can be connected to a memory type of game. Once triggered, you should remember the given pattern. Once presented to you, you will need to repeat the same by going close to the buttons and using your pickaxe. There will be multiple sequences of the same, and within a couple of them, you’ll be able to solve the puzzle and get access to the Fortbyte #28.

With that being said, we can conclude our small guide for this Fortbyte challenge.

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