Fortbyte #29 Location – Found Underneath the Tree in Crackshot’s Cabin

Fortbyte #29 is here to entertain us for the day

We’re almost getting to an end of the Fortbyte Challenge series, but there are a couple of remaining Fortbytes to be found across the Fortnite island. As such, today’s Fortbyte is #29, and we’ll be seeing it somewhere in the snowy area of the map. As the challenge hints, it’s located Underneath the Tree in the Crackshot’s Cabin.

Oh, do you remember where this cabin exactly is? Well, do you remember when they first released the Christmas Trees in Fortnite? Yes, it was before the new year, with a patch that added a new variety by bringing the snowy area on the map. But now, it’s hot as h***, and it’s summer, so the snowy area is slowly coming to a meltdown.

Without further ado, let’s see where exactly Fortbyte #29 lays. The image below showcases the exact location of the Fortbyte. It’s in an abandoned house located on the very west on the island.

Unlike other Fortbyte Challenges, this one doesn’t require any particular tasks, so you won’t need to bother equipping anything additional.

Once you get into the building and find the Christmas Tree just beside the fireplace, the Fortbyte #29 is just behind the Christmas Tree, next to the Two Windows on the right of the featured image above.

With that being said, we can conclude this guide as successful. Have a beautiful day in Fortnite everyone!

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