Fortnite Fortbyte #63 location, Found somewhere between Lucky Landing and Fatal Fields

Fortnite’s Fortbyte #63 is located somewhere between Lucky Landing and Fatal Fields. The distance between the two named locations is quite big, and we’ll need an intense whirl around to find the exact location of today’s Fortbyte. Worry not, as we have already walked around and located today’s Fortbyte. So, within a couple of images in this guide, we’ll provide you the exact positioning of the Fortbyte #63.

Let’s start with a simple image of the map in which we’ll highlight the location. Afterward, we’ll dive deeper and showcase where exactly the Fortbyte is located.

Now that you know the exact surrounding let’s get closer and see where precisely the Fortbyte is located. So, the mark on the picture above takes us to a gas station, or a petrol station calls it as you like. Below you can see a better image of it.

This image is taken from a distance, so you could approximately get to know the exact environment. Now, if we go even closer, we’ll be able to locate the Fortbyte.

The Fortbyte #63 is just in between the gas pumps, or in other words, it’s in the middle of them. Therefore, we have concluded this small tour guide, and should you delve into finding the Fortbyte or not, it’s up to you.

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