Method is the World First Guild to Clean Up Queen Azshara’s Eternal Palace

Yes, after quite a significant number of pulls, Method has managed to recover the World First Title. This is the third raid in this expansion, Battle For Azeroth, in which Method comes out on top. 3/4, with Mythic Azshara, finally killed, Method retains the World First title in their hands, previously held by Pieces after the Crucible of Storms raid.

Throughout the phase, the somewhat unbeatable Queen Azshara has faced a couple of nerfs, so that players could come closer to her execution. The players at Method have played superiorly, and with the takedown, it is safe to say their skills are on the highest level. It is also not a coincidence since this is their third overall World First achievement in this expansion.

Queen Azshara was one of the hardest Raid bosses during Battle For Azeroth, being exceptionally overturned on both mechanics and gear requirements. A reason why the players needed some fight nerfs so they could push Azshara’s HP to the very minimum before the final blow.

But still, it took exactly 400 pulls for Method to remove Queen Azshara’s existence.

Below you can find the video of Method landing the final blow on Queen Azshara and The Eternal Palace.

What happens after this? Well, knowing that this fight awakened an old god, N’zoth, it may grow into yet another raid during this expansion, in which N’zoth will be the latest god. Being furious at the creatures that defeated Queen Azshara, it may be an even stricter boss to complete.

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