Nintendo Switch sold a ton more than PS and Xbox in June

Month of June has been crucial for Microsoft and Sony

Even if PS4 and Xbox One are the only gaming consoles that could satisfy a complete enthusiast, there is this little “counterpart” made by Nintendo. Currently, the sales in the US are on the low for Microsoft and Sony, most likely impacted by the upcoming next-gen consoles by Microsoft and Sony. However, that doesn’t put a stop to Nintendo Switch’s success, which recently has managed to outsell both the big beasts.

Hardware Sales are vital to keeping track of, especially when it comes to the gaming industry and the hardware available on the market. According to the NPD Group’s June 2019 Sales Charts, Nintendo Switch is the most successful hardware in sales. It has managed to sell the most units, making it the best selling console for the first half of 2019.

Having the two console somewhat stall during this period, Nintendo Switch can progressively shine. Anyhow, Hardware Spending in June has been counted at $235 million, which is less than 33% than the last year, while PC and Consoles are only 1% less. The Overall spending across gaming consoles, PC, hardware and accessories is 13% less than the last year.

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