Pokemon Go Team Rocket and Shadow Pokemon are Back

Update July 25, 2019: Trainers, the Team Go Rocket and the Shadow Pokemon are now back in the game, and it looks like Team Go Rocket Pokestops are more common now.

Now, there are some changes in the GM file regarding the Shadow Pokemon, and according to the findings, Shadow Pokemon will be harder to catch.

We’re still trying to find out what happened previously and why Niantic removed them from the game..maybe it was a bug that they couldn’t fix at that moment?

We’ll make sure to find out and let you know!

Update July 24, 2019: Trainers, Team Go Rocket is no longer invading PokeStops in the game as confirmed by Pokemon Go on their official Twitter account.

It looks like Niantic and Pokemon Go were only testing the new feature and we’re looking forward to seeing Team Go Rocket invading PokeStops again.

Previous Story July 22, 2019: Trainers, Team Rocket and Shadow Pokemon are now invading Random PokeStops in Pokemon Go and players around the globe have to face them and purify the Shadow Pokemon.

Many players are asking how does the purification process work and for that matter, I’ve decided to “dig” a little bit deeper and find the right answer.

On the map, you’ll find a PokeStop marked with R on the top and when you spin it, you’ll encounter Team Rocket Go. Then, you’ll have to battle the Team Rocket Grunt and stop the invasion.

Shadow Pokemon can be shiny!

Now, Team Rocket will use a Shadow Pokemon in the battle with Frustration move. Defeating and Shadow Pokemon will take you to a new screen asking you to purify the Pokemon. The purification process will cost you Stardust and Candy, but it will give you a purified Pokemon that will cost less to evolve, less Stardust to power up and now knows the exclusive Charged Attack Return move. You’ll also get a bonus for defeating the Grunt.

TIP: You’ll need potions after the battle as your Pokemon are not fully healed!

So, pretty much the basic structure of an invasion appears to be that once you arrive at the invaded PokeStop, you can battle the Grunt, after which you’ll receive an opportunity to purify the Shadow Pokemon, and the purified Pokemon will cost you less Candy and Stardust to evolve and to power up. So, you don’t want to keep a Shadow Pokemon, as it will cost you x2 or maybe x3 to power up and its move Frustration is not that good, well, it’s probably the worst in the game.

Unregistered Shadow Pokemon are considered special trades!

For last, we know that the new feature is cool, but Niantic has to increase the Pokemon storage ASAP!

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