Pokemon Sword & Shield New Trailer Shows New Pokemon, New Gym Leaders and More

Trainers, a new trailer for the upcoming Switch game Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield is released, revealing new Pokemon, new boost feature called Gigantamaxing, Galar Pokemon League and new Gym Leaders.

First thing first, let’s see the new Pokemon:

  • Alcremie: Fairy Type Pokemon with Sweet Veil ability
  • Yamper: Electric Type Pokemon with Ball Fetch ability
  • Rolycoly: Rock Type Pokemon with Steam Engine/Heatproof ability
  • Duraludon: Steel/Dragon Type Pokemon with Light Metal/Heavy Metal ability

Next on the list is the new boosting feature called Gigantmax. This feature changes Pokemon size and appearance.

As a special bonus for purchasing the Dual Pack SteelBook® Edition, Trainers will receive two codes (one per game) that will reward them with special items known as Dynamax Crystals. By using the Dynamax Crystals in the Wild Area, Trainers will be able to face Dynamax Larvitar and Dynamax Jangmo-o, Pokémon that are normally encountered later in the game, in special Max Raid Battles. Larvitar won’t appear in Pokémon Sword and Jangmo-o won’t appear in Pokémon Shield during normal gameplay, but players will be able to catch them in either version by using these Dynamax Crystals.


For last, we have the new Gym Leaders:

  • Bea who is a Fighting Type Expert in Pokemon Sword
  • Alister who is a Ghost Type Expert in Pokemon Shield

Take a look at the new Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield trailer below.

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