Where to Visit a Giant Beach Umbrella and a Huge Rubber Ducky in Fortnite?

Yet another 14 days of summer challenge

Another day for another 14 days of summer challenge. This time, the challenge requires you to visit a Giant Beach umbrella and a Huge Rubber Ducky. The Umbrellas are easy to notice as they have been in a previous 14 days of summer challenge as well.

However, where is the huge rubber ducky? Worry not. The Giant Rubber ducky is in the river just east of Neo Tilted. It is tough to miss, and it would be quite easy to visit since there’s a slipstream all across the river.

Below you can find the locations of all Giant Beach Umbrellas:

The Giant Rubber Ducky location as we said, is just in the river next to Neo Tilted. For a more precise location, check the image below.

By having all of their locations on your hands, you can now combine where to land first, and how to get to the rubber duck easier.

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