Where to visit Public Service Announcement Signs in Fortnite

Another tricky challenge of Week 10 Season 9

As we’re heading towards the end of Season, we have one more week full of challenges to deal with. With that being said, we have to delve deeper and complete them all, so that we look good after the completion and end of Season 9. One of the toughest challenges is, to visit public service announcement signs located in Neo Tilted, Pressure Plant, and Mega Mall.

As in each previous week, we’ll have several challenges assigned for Week 10 as well. The Public Announcement signs as previously mentioned can be found at Neo Tilted, Mega Mall, and Pressure Plant. Where are they exactly you ask? Well, worry not, because we’re here to discover all of the exact locations.

Public Service Announcement Signs Locations

Stop being a lost duck and check the image below, in which all of the locations of the Public Service Announcement signs are highlighted. They’re straightforward to find as they’re quite visible from a distance. You cannot miss them. You also need to visit 5 of them, and they all have to be subsequently different.

Without further ado, check the image below:

The little dots within the circles are representing the exact locations of the Public Announcement Signs. How to notice the signs easier? Whenever you’re gliding upon the designated location, check for signs with red exclamation points. They appear in a rotation, which means those are the actual public announcement signs you want to visit.

To trigger the challenge, you have to stay exceptionally close to the sign or even build to get closer to it. With that being said, we can conclude this guide and leave it on this.

To clarify, if you would love to acknowledge their look, take a look at the image below:

As we said, they’re hard to miss even when gliding, so keep your eyes peeled during your drop-offs.

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