Fortnite: Where to land at a Run Down Hero Mansion and an Abandoned Villain Hideout Location

While Fortnite Week 5 challenges are still active, let’s tackle them down even further. There’s another Fortnite challenge for week 5 whom metaphoricall side is on the next level. Sometimes, they’re hard to understand due to the strange figure of speech, but let’s take a look where to Land at a Run Down Hero Mansion and an Abandoned Villain Hideout Location.

The Hero Mansion is located at the east of the map and has been a part of the Fortnite timeline for quite a while. Yes, it suffered some destructive maneuvers, but it is still a core part of today’s map. The second landing spot has also been there for quite a long time, and that is around Snobby Shores.

The landing sequence is not that important, you just need to visit them both during this week to complete the challenge. It is also not required to do it so in one game, which means you can just hop into a new queue and get to the second location easier.

But, enough talking, let’s see where exactly those two landing spots are located in the image below:

With the image above compiled and the two locations highlighted, we can conclude this guide for successful. Have a nice day in Fortnite and the new weekend to come!

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