Ninja is the first one of the big Streamer names to leave Twitch for Mixer

Microsoft’s Live Streaming platform is about to receive a considerable amount of popularity boost considering the recent move by Former Twitch Streamer, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. Probably the most exceeding storyline in today’s world is the agreement between Ninja and Mixer, for which many people believe millions have been involved.

This has to be a massive blow for Amazon’s Twitch monthly revenue, for which Ninja played a considerable role in the contribution. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has discovered this earlier today on his Twitter profile, stating that the move is the next big part of his life.

Ninja’s Twitch Channel has been unverified and no longer has the checkmark beside his name, which proves the termination of the partnership. Many people believe that millions of dollars have been involved in this deal, a business condition that may remain a mystery for an extended period.

In the video posted above, when he “asks himself,” what is the reason for this move, the answer was:

“I feel like this is a really good chance to get back in touch with my roots, and really remember why I fell in love with streaming in the first place”

We’ve all been thrilled by watching Ninja setting new records while streaming on Twitch, and contributing for the greater good of the online gaming communities in general.

But to us, this smells like something fishy. Ninja has started playing competitively in Halo, which is Microsoft’s best-known IP. Knowing that a new Halo game is coming out, will there be some bragging rights about it?

Similar to digital resellers such as Steam and Epic Games Store and their adoption of exclusives, will this be a thing on the Streaming Platforms as well? Judging by all the different announcement and signs of the storyline, the wind blows into that direction. But, let’s leave this behind as an assumption, which is hopefully not going to involve any bragging rights alongside the path.

What’s left of this is that we can only congratulate Ninja and wish him Good Luck on his transition and the new defining path to success. A change always produces a more evident mindset, new heights to focus on. Making a history throughout the whole year of 2018 won’t stop one of, if not the most, successful Twitch streamers succeed on Mixer.

Speaking of which, Mixer has already enabled free subscriptions on Mixer’s Ninja channel during this transition, which has already put Ninja with 100,000 subscribers currently active on the platform. Hey, free is free, and you could claim one too! From now on, it’s no longer Ninja on Twitch, but instead, Ninja on Mixer.

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