Fortnite Content Update v10.20 Will Reactivate Kevin the Cube

Fortnite’s content update v10.20 won’t just bring new items to the game. It will also serve a brand new event in Fatal Fields that will dismantle a good portion of the land in the area. All of this is being caused by who else if not Kevin, the mysterious Cube.

Kevin the Cube was a part of Season 6-7, in which throughout a strange pathing he placed runes on the ground. While everyone believed that Kevin the Cube is gone for good, it is not. The mystery is ready to reestablish once again, as the Rift Beacon has been working throughout this period.

One indicator of this occurrence is the loading screen above which pinpoints the Cube’s activity. Well, Week 6 of Season 10 is bringing him back. Having no substantial evidence, Kevin the Cube longevity remains unknown. It may be a part of Fortnite throughout the complete lifetime of Season 10, but it may depart sooner than believed.

Fortnite: Upcoming Event in Fatal Fields with Kevin the Cube

To make sure you witness today’s event by yourself, make sure to jump in the game in approximately 30 minutes from the time of this writing. The event is expected to happen right when the content update was announced, and that is 8 AM ET.

That’s all from us, have a beautiful day in Fortnite!

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