Where to Dance at Two Different Telescopes in Fortnite?

With today’s reset in Fortnite, we have received a whole new list of missions. Completing these missions will grant rewards, but the only problem is that they’re progressive. That means one at a time is doable, but knowing a couple of the challenges ahead of the reset let’s see one of the hardest challenges. Today’s one of the hardest challenges is finding the location of the telescopes, as the challenge requires us to Dance at Two different Telescopes.

Worry not, as we have made a full sweep of the map and have found the telescopes. As always, they will be projected within an image so we could provide a complete clarification on their locations.

The requirement is pretty straightforward. You will need to drop and dance in front of Two telescopes within a single match. That means a mobility item would serve you well.

Week 8 of Season 10 holds new surprises, such as rewards for completing the Storm Racer missions. Without spoilers, we’ll let you discover the rewards by yourself. Now, let’s see the exact location of the Telescopes on the Fortnite island.

It would probably be the best if you aim for the two Telescopes that lean towards the middle of the map than landing at Moisty Palms and trying to accomplish the challenge from there. Being only 3 telescopes, there’s nothing else to do but start with the middle.

With that being said, we can conclude the guide for today as successful. Have a nice and easy challenge day everybody!

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