Fortnite: Upgrade Benches, Probably The Best Feature in Chapter 2

We know it is still new, but have you noticed the Upgrade Benches that are spread across the map? Most of them are found on the landmarks, which are also included in the beginning challenges of the second Fortnite chapter.

So, what are Upgrade Benches in Fortnite?

Well, Upgrade Benches in Fortnite allow you to upgrade your weapon to better quality, for the price of a couple of materials. To access it and tweak your weaponry, you need to have a certain amount of all materials in possession.

For example, to upgrade from Common to Rare Tech Shotgun, you need 150 of each building material. It is as simple as it looks, and the mats are the only problem you need to face. Check the image below for a better overview.

They are scattered all across the map and we’re working on their discovery. Therefore, after we locate all of the Upgrade Benches, within an update, we’ll post each location of theirs.

David Goodwin

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