Escape From Tarkov Blocks ReShade, Nvidia’s Freestyle is Next

Reshade, the advanced post-processing factor that allows elevating gameplay and visual performance to the maximum, was blocked in one of the most popular First Person Tactical Shooters nowadays. That game is Escape From Tarkov. Why I classified Escape From Tarkov as such? Because it deserves attention, more than many other AAA titles. Moving forward, ReShade was the leading third-party choice for players that wanted to enhance their eyesight in the game. Sadly, that is no longer possible.

At the moment when everyone started to act suspicious about ReShade’s benefits in EFT, Battlestate Games has discovered that ReShade was potentially an evil cause for the whole community, as it makes the game a lot brighter than what it needs to be. So, for example, going into dark areas, even joining the raid at night time, was not a problem for each enhancer that was using ReShade to tweak things. That’s where the post-processing injector comes to work, and why the developers decided to cut off the impurities.

We all know that ReShade is excellent, but not everyone knows how to set it up, or doesn’t wanna bother himself in following a good tutorial and configure it correctly. That’s why Battlestate Games have decided to dwindle things down and put a block to ReShade.

Their posting regarding the situation on Discord was as follows:

Reshade is now officially blocked due to the large number of uses of specific filters to obtain an unfair advantage.
We will provide additional visual enhancing filters later directly in the game

If you are having problems with launching the game – uninstall Reshade / remove files related to it from your game directory

Sorry for any inconvenience caused
There will be no bans for using reshade. The plugin is just being blocked from loading

Does this mean that Nvidia Freestyle is next? On multiple occasions, the developers stated that both ReShade and Freestyle give the players a vast benefit (unfair advantage) over others. For the sake of EFT and its community, Battlestate Games has decided to block ReShade from the game.

No bans will be delivered, but there is a slight possibility that BattleEye may strike. Even though the developers have found a way to block ReShade from loading, BSG advises you to delete every single file related to ReShade from the game’s root directory.

Removing the files may save you from further struggles because some player reports have been pointing to loading errors. One of them is as follows:

Blocked loading of file “…\dxgi.dll”

This file is associated with ReShade and needs to be deleted so you could enter the game.

Doing this will result in a much healthier future for your account, because as we stated, this may pull a more significant lever and later become a heart-breaking moment for those who failed to remove everything.

But, does this mean that Nvidia Freestyle is next? We know that Nvidia Freestyle has more significant limitations compared to ReShade, as it won’t allow you to play with the changes to a vast extent. However, Nvidia Freestyle also gives a massive advantage in dark areas, which is not quite well-fitting and ultimately destroys the gloomy nature of the game.

According to recent mumbles, Nvidia’s Freestyle is also coming to the block list, bringing a much fairer ground to the game itself.

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