Fortnite Star Wars: TIE Fighter Crash Locations

There’s a new challenge that might be hard to complete in Fortnite, just because of its requirement to find the TIE Fighter Crash Sites. As the challenge reads, “Raise your banner to capture TIE fighter crash sites.” The crash sights are still fresh as they’re producing smoke in the air if you would love to find the locations by yourself. If not, this guide is made just for that.

AI guards the crash sites, so you better watch out before landing there. This guide will require you to carry at least one weapon before you continue further. In the image below, we’ve discovered and pinpointed all of the TIE fighters crash locations on the Fortnite island. The map image below is a bit older, but it fits well as the outskirts are still the same.

TIE Fighter Crash Sites

Below you can find the image containing the Tie fighter crash sites:

Also, the replay feature is currently not working as intended, as it doesn’t record the matches played. In that manner, we had to improvise and use the Fortnite TIE glider promotion image as a featured one. Nevertheless, the locations in the image above are considered precise.

Have a lovely weekend. Everyone!

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