Fortnite Stretch Goals Prestige Challenges

It seems that Epic Games have changed the missions completely. For this week, players have to complete all of the common challenges and get access to the prestige ones. But after seeing them, they don’t sound that prestige. It’s an enhanced version of the normal challenges, with higher requirement goals.

For example, if you needed to deal 5000 opponents in the primary challenges, the prestige ones are asking you to do the same, but times 50. We know that the season is expanded, and it may last for a while now, so Epic Games probably has to find a way on how to sustain the player base entertained, and making players achieve these challenges could be the right way.

Stretch Goals Prestige Challenges

  • Deal damage to opponents – 250,000
  • Achieve Shotgun Specialist or AR Specialist by dealing damage with Shotguns or Assault Rifles – 150
  • Achieve Pistol Specialist or SMG Specialist by dealing damage with Pistols or SMGs – 100
  • Achieve Sniper Specialist or Explosive Specialist by dealing damage with snipers or explosives – 75
  • Catch weapons from fishing spots – 250
  • Eliminate opponents – 1,000
  • Outlast opponents in Solos, Duos or Squads 20,000

Have a nice day in Fortnite!

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  1. 800,000 XP is a huge payout, but unless there are rewards for leveling up, what is the point? I hit 202 tonight and have completed everything invluding all Star Wars challenges. What is the reward for continuing beyond level 202, or even 250? I play on Xbox One: atkinson63822

    1. The only reason to go for the prestige challenges is if you are trying to reach level 300. What many people don’t know because they don’t use Scratch (the white version of 8-ball) skin is that as you hit level 100 Scratch started to become corrupted and the other wise completely white skin starts to get black dots on it. As you increase the level beyond 100 the number of black spots increases. Around level 150 hie entire head and part of his body will be black with a red outline. That continues until you reach level 300 at which point his entire body will be the new corrupt color. This is one of the secret challenges that was never spelled out so lots of people have no idea about it.

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