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Fortnite X Star Wars Happening On December 14

Epic Games has notified everyone that on December 14, a new spectacle is about to happen. A live event that is going to shatter the whole world and leave the fans shook. Recent changes in Risky Reels have destined a new outcome., a result that is about to bring the Sky Walker alongside its very famous lightsabre.

A couple of data miners noted the upcoming changes in Risky Reels (before they even started happening). According to their claims, Risky Reels is about to change its shape daily, bringing new mechanical vehicles to prepare for the live event. That is precisely what is happening with today’s Risky Reels, and Epic Games has just revealed its purpose.

Named the Rise of the Skywalker, Epic Games is striving an exclusive scene premiere. Talking about Skywalker, the Lightsabre is most definitely going to be included in the event. Will this preserve a shy glance of action, or will it be a promotion to upcoming items in the game?

Well, since the very beginning of Chapter 2, we came into this world shortly after being sucked by a black hole. Since then, Epic Games have failed to satisfy all of the demands and inquiries of many dedicated fans.

Vaulting patch notes, not posting changes, and many other obstacles were found as disruptive by many fans during this very same Chapter 2. The only update that was generally announced by Epic Games in Chapter 2 was this announcement. What exactly is going to happen throughout the live event? Well, it is best to leave the theory crafters do their work.

The main obligation is to make sure you enter Fortnite on December 14, and escort the Star Wars live event appropriately.

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