Resident Evil 3 Remastered appeared on PSN

It’s nothing strange to see Sony adhere to the possibility of a new Resident Evil 3. Resident Evil 2 remastered had reached some of the highest-selling goals, and with the three new leaked images, we do believe Capcom most definitely wants to get to the same reaches.

You can check all of the leaked images below:

On this cover, we can see Nemesis followed by the lead characters Valentine and Carlos. Nemesis was the main antagonist in the game back in 1999. And now he’s coming back again to scare more faces.

Therefore, the reports of a remake of Resident Evil 3 are on the right track, even though they started just a while ago. This Remaster expects a release in 2020, which means it could be even faster than what we imagine.

Nevertheless, at least Capcom cannot attach different sensations as it has already grown onto everyone that RE 3 Remaster is in the works. Therefore, no proofs are viable of the opposite.

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