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Fortnite Patch 11.40 Introduces Sidegrading and Heavy Assault Rifle, Patch Notes

Fortnite v11.40 introduces everyone to a new mechanic. That is the Sidegrading, which is accomplished by using weapon upgrade benches. Therefore, it’s not only upgrading a weapon but instead, once you get a hold to an assault rifle weapon of an Epic rarity, you get a chance to upgrade it.

The basic rarity of the Heavy Assault Rifle is also present in 11.40, as players can find common and uncommon versions of the AK.

Basically said, the SIDEGRADE will allow you to enhance your ordinary Epic Assault Rifle into a Heavy Assault Rifle. Do not get me wrong, I liked the AK very much, and now that is back in the game, I believe that I already know my personal loadout. If, of course, I get a chance to get a hold of it.

On each Heavy Assault Weapon upgrade, the Heavy Assault Rifle skin changes Towards a glossier modified AK. This is how Sidegrading works in any case:

Now, regarding patch notes, we know how lingering have Epic Games been in the past, so we might not even get them in the end. But, if there’s also the slightest chance of Epic Games posting the patch notes of 11.40 publicly, then we’ll post them below:

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