Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Teasers Started Arriving

Epic Games has just published the first teaser of the upcoming season. “Transmission Intercepted,” something of a large caliber is about to go down. Also, The Agency was used to be a bot on the official Fortnite Discord. Now, it seems that the Agency is no longer a bot.

In our thought, the Agency may soon contact a couple of persons on discord. Nevertheless, the official teaser has been posted on Epic Games’ official Twitter Profile. You can see it below:

Epic Games is very good at building the hype for the upcoming season, as that’s what they’ve been doing at their best. But how is it going to end? We do not know, as we’re about to see very soon.

The second teaser has just arrived, and it can be found below:

Below you can find the third teaser and probably the last for the day:

To our pleasant surprise, a fourth teaser has also arrived late in the night. This is what it says:

Also, the next teaser is expected to arrive either tomorrow or within the next couple of hours. So stay tuned for more!

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