Fortnite: How to Acquire The Deadpool Skin?

Now that Season 2 of Chapter 2 is officially live in Fortnite, we have a lot of surprises pending. One of them is the new cosmetic that signs the rude but also entertaining Deadpool character. Another collab between Marvel and Fortnite brings the Deadpool skin for everyone owning the Battle Pass, but hidden behind a couple of challenges.

First and foremost, we’re talking about Deadpool, which generally is a scrappy character that gets in trouble most of the time, so having no plot in acquiring his skin would be a waste. That’s why Epic Games has constructed this sort of puzzle and requires full player attention.

Discovering Deadpool’s skin won’t be an easy task. Coming as a top secret of the second Fortnite season, each week is expected to have an additional challenge coming from Deadpool’s workshop (the small vent in the battle pass lobby). More about this, we’ll talk below.

How to acquire Deadpool’s Fortnite Skin?

First and foremost, if you are an owner of the Battle Pass, you will get access to the intelligence center. The place where all of the new skins from Season 2 are resting at. On the right side of the room looking directly from your perspective, you’ll notice a small vent with Deadpool’s Icon (check picture below).

That’s where Deadpool is operating from and has left his login credentials for us to continue his work… well, sort of. Once you click on the vent, you’ll be taken to a bathroom or, in other words, “Deadpool’s Intelligence center.” According to the look, we can see he’s been spending some time, like washing his underwear and other stuff. In any case, the messy look aligns Deadpool’s characteristics perfectly. Check the image below:

Once inside, you’ll notice that two elements have icons, which means they are interactive as well. First, you will need to log in to his computer, which will lead you to a list of available challenges. Since this is week 1, 1 challenge will be open, and that challenge is to find Deadpool’s letter to Epic Games. Check the image below:

Without needing to jump into a game, you can complete the challenge from there. The letter is laid on the ground, just under the toilet.

Once you complete that challenge, you will be taken directly to the second challenge of the series, and that is not to thank the bus driver. How rude? Not to mention, I always forget to do it, so I am on the same shelf as Deadpool, at least in that department. The challenge cannot be more self-explanatory, and all you need to do is avoid clicking the “Thanks” button on your keyboard.

After completing the second challenge, you will be granted the Deadpool banner so you could use it on your profile.

There’s nothing else to speak about as we honestly wouldn’t love to keep you here any longer. It’s time for a Fortnite game. However, in the coming weeks, make sure you pay attention to Deadpool’s PC, as it is the unique challenge provider to unlock the skin.

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