Fortnite Phone Calls and Their Meaning – PreSeason Live Event

If you’ve been away for the last couple of days or wholly separated from the Fortnite scene, we’ve got you covered. A number of data miners have discovered phone numbers, which upon calling trigger a voice audio recording. Each one of those could be an indication of an upcoming event on the Fortnite island. Keep in mind that Fortnite’s Season 2 of Chapter 2 is about to begin, and this event should be officially teased any time now.

Below you can find the audio messages as leaked by Firemonkey. We tried calling the phones, and each one of the recordings is real, some of them in foreign languages too. One thing is certain, as it comes to a word about agents. Each one of the messages addressed to an agent (either us the callers) or could be something else.

Epic Games might have added this for a purpose data miners to find it and post it publicly. Nevertheless, it is confirmed that we’re about to be put into the mix and try to discover what these messages are implying to. After the recordings have been placed in a spectrogram (similar to a previous event around Season 5-6 of Chapter 1 if I remember right), it has been confirmed that none of them contain any side data.

Therefore, it’s plain messages that may indicate the future of Fortnite, and the shape of the island once Season 2 of Chapter 2 begins. If you have any vital information on what the messages could imply to make sure you leave a comment in the section below!

Phone Calls Recordings and their Meaning

We will try to decrypt all of the messages, and we will be following the ideas of what they could imply to on all of the social media. So stay tuned for more!


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